Debbie and Jack’s Wedding

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My good friend from work asked me if was available to DJ her mother’s wedding.  I was really excited to do this because I love being a part of weddings.  I also haven’t seen my friend in a while.

My friend was busy prepping and I was able to meet the groom to be.  I knew it was going to be a great wedding from Jack’s fun attitude


I really enjoyed DJ’ing this wedding.  Everyone seemed to be happy to see Debbie and Jack say their vows.

Thanks for having me!

D-String’s “Running of the Bulls” Birthday Party

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D-String is a good friend of mine from work. We always manage to have a good time where ever we go out.

It’s always hard to tell when he’s being serious or not.

He was telling me his birthday party was going to have a mechanical bull and everyone was going to be dressed in white and red.


D-String was 100% serious.

I’ll try and find picture of the mechanical bull.  But here’s a picture of his family singing Oasis’s wonderwall.


Thanks for having me!  Happy birthday, homie!

Arcira’s Birthday Party

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Arcira’s Birthday is in May but she knows summer is the time to party!  I always enjoy partying with Rayray and Arcira’s family.


I’m able to play classic low rider hits as well as the hits on the radio.


This party, like all parties, was a ton of fun.

Thanks for having me!  Happy birthday, Arcira!

Chris and Tristan’s Wedding

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Chris heard about me through my referral from Emily and Daryl’s wedding a few years back.  I’m so happy that I have such great clients that trust me with their special event.

I was really excited for this wedding.  It was all the way in Temecula at Longshadow Ranch Vineyard And Winery and I knew it was going to be a great time.


Chris and Tristan were so great to work with before the wedding.  They were low maintenance and knew they just wanted to have a great time.  I was even able to sneak a picture with the bride and her father before they walked down the aisle!DSC02484

The ceremony was absolutely perfect.  Their friends and family enjoyed every moment of watching the newlyweds exchange vows.DSC02487


The wedding was perfect.  Everyone enjoyed the music I played.  Tristan and Chris partied as hard as everyone else.

The warm summer nights really make up for the hot summer days!



Thanks for having me!  Congratulations Chris and Tristan!


Rosie’s Birthday Party

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Cathie contacted me a month ago asking if I could DJ her daughter’s birthday party.  I guess her daughter went to Annalee’s birthday party in August and loved my taste in music.


It was such a beautiful night and location.  Their house overlooked Laguna Beach on the cliffs and we were able to enjoy the sunset.

The night was amazing.  I’m happy everyone had a great time.


Happy Birthday, Rosie!  Thanks for having me!

Fountain Valley High School’s Senior Luau

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A lot of students and staff ask when I’m going to DJ a school function.  It’s always tricky to find an event where I can comfortably do within my schedule.  Luckily, this gig fell on weekday after work hours and was pretty straight forward.

This was a really fun event because I was able to entertain the seniors with my musical taste.  I jumped from Bob Marley, The Clash, Weezer, Dr. Dre, and Phoenix throughout the sunny afternoon.


Thanks for having me!

Congratulations Class of 2014!!

FVHS Funk + Soul Lunchtime Set

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I kept promising my classes that I was going to DJ a lunch before the year ends.

Well…the year was ending and I’m a man of my word.


I’ve been so busy with grading essays and what not that I’m not able to master my latest mixtape.

Nevertheless, FVHS got a sneak peek at the themes I’m trying to hit with these next two recordings.

I even got a few pictures of my favorite people at this school.


Hope you enjoyed it, FVHS!


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