UCI’s B-Boys Anonymous Local Campuses B-Boy Club Funkshun

I was looking forward to DJ’ing this event for quite some time. I absolutely love DJ’ing for the new school B-Boys and the UCI B-Boy Club, B-Boys Anonymous, really dig my style.

They told me about this collective B-Boy session among the local campuses and I was absolutely in love with the idea.

Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Break Club, Riverside’s Illerside, Cal State Long Beach’s B-Boy Collective, and UCLA’s B-Boys all came out on this wonderful summernight to enjoy what’s left of summer and groove to some funky beats.

The real treat was that one of my DJ mentors, DJ Redline, came out and broadcasted our set live. There was a webcam and audio streaming of the entire session.

Redline brought another Cerritos All Stars DJ, Ummagawd, to showcase his style for the college clubs.

The night was absolutely dope. The session will be available for download soon.

Thanks for having us!

live recording of our set here!

mp3 // .zip

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~ by ej on August 14, 2012.


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